1)  Engage your solicitor early. Have them check the title deeds and advise if any of the following need looked into.

2)  Does your septic tank have 'Consent to discharge' into the waterway? If there is no consent, you will need to apply to NI Water.  We can arrange this for you but the process can be time consuming and needs to be looked at prior to house going on the market.

3) Are there any rights of way or easement issues in relation to access to the property? Again, if your solicitor has sight of the title, they will be alerted to any potential problems and can have them resolved prior to finding a buyer.

4) You need to make sure the boundaries on the deed map match what you are offering for sale.

5) Being prepared also means engaging your Estate Agent early.  By anticipating what may be coming on to the market in six months or even a years time, we can potentially provide more buyers ready to purchase who would in normal circumstances not yet be in a position to offer. 

6) We can advise not only on current value but also suggest any minor alterations or improvements that may assist in the ease of sale

7)  Country properties don't generally look their best in Winter but it wil be May before they are at their most attractive.  If you put your house on the market in Winter, remember to renew photos in May if it is not already sold or if you are really organised, arrange the photos in August/ September of the previous year.

8) If you have land with your house, make sure that it is promoted as one of the major selling points.  The majority of people registered with Pooler Country are looking for property with a few acres and they need to know as soon as they see a property listed what it includes in terms of fields or paddocks and dont let your agent shy away from prominently mentioning equestrian facilities

9)  Don't totally depend on websites for marketing.. Not all potential buyers are scouring the local websites daily.  Spotting a eyecatching property on Facebook or in a newspaper feature in the local press may be the catalyst that sparks someone into a move they were not necessarily planning

10)  Make sure your Estate Agent lets you preview their marketing details before the property goes to market, it is essential they understand your property and all it has to offer. The initial marketing details are probably the most important aspect of an Estate Agents job in promoting country property.  If you are not satisfied, ask for it to be amended until you are totally happy and dont be afraid to ask for new photos if thats what you think it needs.