Why I carry out all our viewings

As far as viewings are concerned, some sellers would rather show people around themselves while others cannot imagine anything worse than having to watch strangers trample through their house while not being sure what they should be saying to them. Viewers generally prefer it to be the agent who opens the front door to them, they find it less awkward and they can be a little more forthright in their opinions without upsetting the owner of the home.
I like to be there for all viewings and here are the reasons why.

1) We’re paid to sell the house and accompanied viewings are included. Telephoning an owner the next day to ask how a viewing went the previous evening just seems like we are not really involved.

2) Many agents will contact a viewer the day after they have seen a house asking for feedback but in effect this is just a box ticking exercise so they can add ‘feedback’ to their list of services. It is of limited value.  I always ring the owner for a chat about the viewing as I leave their property.

3) I can get direct feedback from the viewers. Years of experience helps me build up a good picture of the potential buyer and whether they are likely to be the purchaser of the house I am selling and whether they are in a position to buy it.

4) I have to be able to make important decisions going forward in relation to marketing properties if they are not immediately selling, in terms of asking price and advertising. This can only be carried out correctly with all the right information and that can only be achieved by meeting the potential buyers at the property.

5) The most important reason is to meet potential buyers who may not turn out to be interested in the house I am currently selling but if I can try and understand exactly what they are looking for, then when a suitable property comes along, they are just at the end of the phone.

6) I pride myself on service, a service that goes beyond the norm and that has to include accompanied viewings, except in exceptional circumstances.

Viewings can be many miles away and are time-consuming but they are at the very core of our business, people. In fact, they are so important, I will meet viewers at a time that suits them and that can often be a weekend or evening,