About Pooler Country Rural Property Agents, Northern Ireland

Pooler Country has evolved from Pooler Estate Agents who have been successfully selling properties in Belfast for many years and continue to do so.

Partners Christopher and Elaine Pooler and office manager Michael Finlay (Elaine's brother) head up the team and we are delighted to be joined by our ambassadors, Felicity Pierce and Caroline de Montmorency who are both country people and are particularily well known in equestrian circles.

About us Left to right: Christopher Pooler, Elaine Pooler, Caroline de Montmorency & Felicity Pierce.

Their role will be to look after potential buyers through our Country Homefinder and we will be encouraging potential buyers to sign up whenever we can through advertising, Social Media campaigns and through visitors to our Pooler Country trade stand which we plan to get out on the road throughout the year but mainly during the summer months at agricultural shows and events.

Pooler Country